Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grand Opening

The purpose of this blog is to document certain sound projects that I've been involved in over the last 10 billion years, from the distant foggy past through to the bright golden future. Actually, I'm not sure how much archeology I'll do as I don't have too much and that which I do have is often crap. Some of the bands I've played with are Monkeywrench, Bloodloss Lubricated Goat and some others that I can't think of right now. At the present time I'm involved in the Tom Price Desert Classic and my own Martin Blands Randomized Control Trials, but more on that later...
I'm also going to upload sounds from odd records I've turned up around the place too.
In addition, I want to document other interests such as my collection of Strange and Deadly Foods for which I hope one day to open a permanent exhibit at the Pompidou Centre.
This first posting is something of a test combining odd sounds from a 78 I found and what I consider one of the centerpieces of the Musuem Of Strange and Deadly Foods (MOSADF)- a large packet of WOW potato chips featuring the miracle oil Olean or Oleastra. There is indeed a warning on the pack that eating these chips could result in "rectal leakage" but that's the price to be paid for beoing able to stuff yourself with chips and not get fat.
The 78 is an acetate of a novelty skit called"The Woofing Post". It's pretty bad sound and not terribly funny but one of the supposed contestants is an Australian (Paul Boomer) which does tickle ones jingo bone. I couldn't be more proud.
By the way, many thanks to Cousin Creep for helping me set this blog up.

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