Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Like Nitrous Oxide by Martin Bland

Here is a "video" I found on YouTube of one of my songs. It's not really a video as it is just a still picture. I watched it at first waiting for something to move but I couldn't detect any movement. It is a song that was part of an "instant" album project. It was recorded on a 4-track cassette player. I took a 45 minute cassette and played drums for the length of the cassette, then a few weeks later when I had forgotten what I had played I put some bass on, then a few months later some guitar and then a few months later some vocals and synth and whatever else. Everything was done in one continuous take. I think there were maybe 6 songs or so on the tape which is long lost. The songs got progressively worse as the tape went along and as I ran out of ideas but this was the first song and featured what I think was a pretty nifty synthesizer solo. It was released on one of Lachlan Macleods Blackeye records compilations, either Waste Sausage or Leather Donut, whichever was second.