Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Six-Ten Phoenix by the Monkeywrench

Also, here is a review of the lost Monkeywrench lp translated from the original Greek

Have spent around 18 years since the Mark Arm eftyne blood while Steve Turner break the guitar strings to the refrain of "If I Think" of Mudhoney, one of the most simple and chaste love songs ever written ( " ... I forgot how to cry, I forgot I could die, If I think, I think of You ..."), which, precisely because of this paidikotitas (with the good sense), have won a place in the hearts and the discos us, which often dense dust to feel again 15 years old.
18 years have passed since then and the duo Mark Arm / Steve Turner made a double blow «come back», moving jobs in 2008 for Mudhoney and Monkeywrench simultaneously. Mere coincidence or evil blow below the zone in order to disrupt the global grunge / garage movement (what?) In the world?

The answer will certainly give you - do not wait for us to have a solution at all. The fact is however that the project remains the owner Arm watchful and active, albeit with periodic delay in the sequence tends to 8 (and only for mathematicians) - asvesti keeping the flame of Seattle and the activities on the beaches of. "Gabriel's Horn" is the third in a series of movement and follows the style and tradition of Monkeywrench, who wants atofio punk garage rock voutigmeno in their cynicism, pulling the hair and dragging the mantemenia riffoeidi into the mud.

Non Fooled you seemingly cool fusion beginning of the "Low On Air" - when the dust katakatsei, things will take their real dimensions and who did not saw Jimbo (the de Chentrix) and not the feared! «Prosefchitheite up otou sweatiness» and the truth of Music acquires flesh and bones. 70"That's What You Get" (. 70ila in foul, offensive filingk garage in which Voutas where to find opportunity (!) And the absolute boon comes groove and carefree through the laser of cd player, that situation continues and "That's What You Get" (statements) and obviously, and throughout the tablet, (ideal) lasting 51 minutes. «Nick Cave» bourbon / vermut / . Beloved (as we say polychronemeno) the "Magic Tarp" and the reason is I think obvious: deucedly klassikoura with «Nick Cave» (allow me) interpretation drawn, raw guitars and slips bourbon / vermut / 'liosporous.

The Salpinga of Gavriil meant on the opposite coast triumphantly last February. The religious tradition is in the Archangel Gabriel to fysa to announce the Day of Crisis, thereby connecting with the infinite God. Times are tough. The Toritseli (1608), the Kavalieri (1598) and Monkeywrench (1991) know well.