Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cry Cry Cry by the Kings Of Rock

Here's another Kings Of Rock number. This one was written by some old 60's punk band whose name I don't know. The excellent singing here is by Tim "Purple" Hayes who nailed this baby in one take.


doomsday said...

hi, i saw u play with the monkey wrench in londen both nights at the borderline in 2000, i think.
i was wondering was that you at a muudhony gig at the electic ballroom in london in about 2002? did you come and do a stage dive half way through their set?
couse some who looked just liked you came from backstage and dived in the crowd and no many people have cool hair like yours

Martin Bland said...

It wasn't me, my friend. My clones and doppelgangers are many though.