Saturday, January 17, 2009

"One For The Hangman" by the Tom Price Desert Classic

Continuing the "Hanging" theme of this band, here is another one. Features a neat organ line from Matt Wright and a cool fuzz solo from Don Blackstone. Not to mention the supple bass stylings, incredible vocals. And then there's the drumming.
As to the accompanying photo, I liked the hutzpah of the owners in light of the Mad Cow scare of a few years back. When I went in it was pretty empty.

"Hang Onto Your Hat" by The Tom Price Desert Classic

Here is a song from a band I'm currently flailing in. This is some raunch from the pen of Mr Tom Price himself. The line-up of the band is
Tom Price- Guitar & voice
Don Blackstone- guitar
Matt Wright- organ
Joe Kilbourn- bass
Martin Bland- drums

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"I Saw It" (demo) by Lubricated Goat

This is a 4-track cassette version of a song later to appear on the Psychedelicatessen lp. It was originally written for an aborted Salamander Jim album, which was another band Stu, Lachlan MacCleod and I were briefly in. This was recorded on the top floor at Gracelands and features Stu on guitar, bass and sampler along with Ren on sax and me playing drums.

"The explainer" by Martin Blands Randomized Control Trials

A brief explanation of what the fuck I'm doing.

"The Great Temptations Of Biand #507" by Martin Blands Randomized Control Trials

Another stray version left over after burning the 120 cd's in the Radomized Control Trials where every cd is different. This piece in general is probably my favorite of the whole endeavor.

"Autumn In New York" by Martin Blands Randomized Control Trials

Someone asked me if this is some kind of 9/11 tribute or something. It definitely is not.