Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shake Your Leaves by Bloodloss

Here is a song recorded live by Bloodloss. This is a soundboard recording from a not especially large venue and as such the drums and vocals tend to be the loudest things, neither of which were the strongest points of the band. But here it is anyway. The people in this band were Renestair EJ, Mark Arm, Guy Maddison and Martin Bland.

The Ecstasy Of Frank Thring by Martin Bland's Randomized Control Trials

Here's a version of new piece created in the RCT series for a radio broadcast on local Seattle radio station KEXP. The featured musicians are Tom Price (guitar), Dave Holmes (electric sitar), Guy Maddison (bass), Ajax Storm-Wood (voice) and Martin Bland (drums and synthesizer). The theme was written by Tom and is basically a D minor scale with an emphasis on half-tones. It uses repetition to create a structure, much like yer standard-issue rock song. You'll notice that the exact same guitar, bass, sitar and drums phrases reappear a couple of times throughout the number but always in different combinations and contexts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lubricated Goat In The Raw

I've had a few folks inquire about other Lubricated Goat tunes so here is another from the Kardomah Cafe in Sydney. Stuart had a guitar synthesizer so that is why his guitar sounds like that.