Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunar Snakes #840 by Martin Bland's Randomized Control Trials

The significance for these songs had reached September 2002 and was completed finally September 2007. The BLDG. in question utilisation "? shuffle"? program with regard to a compact cause of discspelers team where simultaneous unique regulations of initial [treximatos] music. The all pieces followed the directives of pairs: the musicians separately the one other with minimal or no idea should be registered what had played the other musicians. A relaxed subject that it improvizes and stiffly that follows a rythm is given. These [eeis] [proteron] recording, (sometimes long times) they were transmitted in computer and in the short expressions and the items. Bests this they were selected for in Cd-R'? it is burned s. hardly the all music was registered as piece, was fixed then each body CDspeler from which it was up to six there. Was CDspelers played then simultaneously with "? shuffle"? activated program, where a unique regulation of piece each time is caused. Certain was voting "? found"? the nature but nothing of music was not selected by other sources.

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