Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn In New York #422 by Martin Bland's Randomized Control Trials

The concept for these songs had arrived in September 2002 and was definitively completed in September 2007. The bldg. in question using " shuffle" programme concerning a group compact discspelers cause which simultaneously unique regulations of original music run. All pieces followed a couple directives: the musicians separately of each other with little or no idea must be registered what had played the other musicians. They a loose topic to improvise and stiffly to follow a tempo are given. These prerecordings, (sometimes long hours) were transmitted on a computer and besnoeiing in short expressions and fragments. The bests of this were selected for on CD-r' are burned; s. as soon as all music had been registered as a piece, was then assigned each instrument CDspeler of which was up to six there. The CDspelers were then played simultaneously with " shuffle" activated programme, where an unique regulation of the piece each time is caused. Some votes were of " found" the nature but nothing of music was sampled from other sources.

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