Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bloodloss live part 2

Another steaming pile of live Bloodloss. The tracks on this one are

1) Fly Me To Uranus
2) Fishwife
3) Land Of Plenty
4) Friendship 7
5) Hated In My House


1009 said...

Thank you so much for these! Bloodloss fan since "special-ordering" the *Live My Way* disc in like 1996. At the time I didn't know how to buy cds on the internet, much less what an mp3 was. It's become easier to track yr stuff down, but still something of a challenge. Worth it in all cases, of course.

Thanks again.

M.Anttila said...

WOW !!! thanks Martin !!! awesome !!! this was greatest post ever. can i use the live photo on my site ? hope that EJ get time to write me the bio soon. can hardly wait to start to create the bloodloss section.. _smile-

Anonymous said...

Great set! What year is this from? Thanks for posting this!

Mr Whiskers said...

Hey Martin, you got any video evidence of Bloodloss's far-out live stuff? Thanks for posting these tracks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I'm glad y'all like this. If I find some more stuff I'll put it up. Don't have any videos a;though I remember a guy from Australia coming over and videoing one of our last shows.
The photo is something I found on the web so I guess it's ok to use- I didn't get permission and I haven't heard anything yet.
It's too bad our cd's are a little difficult to get- perhaps we'll find some way to re-release them. Thanks- Martin

Anonymous said...

according to , some rare and unreleased Bloodloss will be released next year. Martin, do you have the scoop on this?

Martin B said...

I think that must be an old posting on their myspace page. We are putting out a double cd with them but it consists of the Truth Is Marching In plus some unreleased stuff from around then and the other disc is stuff from the early 80's up to the Truth lp. The unreleased album that we did with Mark which they mention might be coming out on another Australian label but I'm not sure quite what's up with that at the moment.- Martin

Anonymous said...

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sonicfallout said...

Hey Martin, any updates on The Truth is Marching in + extras double cd, or the possible release of the unreleased record on that Australian label?

オテモヤン said...