Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bloodloss Live part 1

Here is a blob of live Bloodloss recorded in the late 90's. The tracks are

1) Cueballs Of Idaho (edit)
2) The Truth Is Marchin' In
3) Gotta Change
4) Love Theme
5) Shiny Black Suit
6) Wino

Please excuse our hiss.

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sonicfallout said...

Hey Martin,
Thank you so mush for posting the live Bloodloss. I wrote you maybe 9 years ago asking if you knew how I could get a copy of the 1st Bloodloss record. You wrote back and told me you didn't even have it but you sent me the unreleased record Bloodloss did. Which I love and still listen to quite a bit. It's a real shame that record never got released. (I met Ren while he was working the t-shirt booth at a Mudhoney concert in Baltimore 7-8 years ago, and he was able to send me a copy of the 1st Bloodloss record.)
Hope to see that Bloodloss record come out 1 day, even if you guys never get together again.
Take Care,