Monday, June 7, 2010

The Confusement Park

Here is an album I've been involved in recording over the last few months. It's called the Confusement Park and is supposedly a concept album about an amusement park but mainly seems to be about really messed up people. The songs are

Welcome To The Confusement Park
Fight The Bullshit
Animal Grease
Dippin The Ladle
Down In The Gutta
The Hole
Lord I Know
Ode To Speedy McFats
Dandelion Bouquet
Honeymoon Across The Stateline
Man With No Memory
After The Last Moonbeam Fades

The musicians are Jim Collier, Renastair EJ, Colon Wheeler, Fila McGann, Charlie Thunders, Iain Graham, Brandy Terrisi, John Gallagher and Martin Bland.
We pressed up 70 copies for our cd release party but they all went that night but we're going to press up another 30 or so. If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy, email me at Probably $10 or so plus shipping.

This is the entire thing in one big 42 minute blob.


Anonymous said...

great stuff! I've spun this a couple times, and I love the way the three or four vocalists work together. Stellar, sir.

Anonymous said...

I like the dope plant next to the keyboard. Nice touch