Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bloodloss "Soundtrack From the Musical 'Bloodloss'"

Here is side 2 of the Bloodloss 10" "Ten Rock Solid Inches Of Rock Solid Rock". I assume this will never be released on CD so here it is in the "MP3" format. This was all done with good old tape technology. I'm sure computer sound programs such as pro-tools were available at the time but we didn't have access to them. I doubt this would not have been as much fun to make if we had used them anyway.


Anonymous said...

Ten Rock Solid Inches Of Rock Solid Rock is soooooo great!
Thanks for posting this Martin!
Was there a play or movie or something connected to this album?

Martin Bland said...

There really was no connection to a movie or anything like that although one of our songs was recently used in a trailer for a movie which I'm gonna post a link to soon.

mudhoneysite said...

Cool, but hey au-go-go released bloodloss cd titled: "Misty". there is ten rock solid 10" includ.

my mudhoney site needs bloodloss section are you willing to help me to do it ? Guy is too busy and mark told me that you knows more than him from the early years of bloodloss.

if you want to write me bio of bloodloss, ask my e-mail ardess from members of mudhoney or tim kerr, okey ? it would be honor to get that bio from you.


mudhoneysite said...

awh, just check up: the misty's includ. only side A of ten rock solid.... sorry...