Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shake Your Leaves by Bloodloss

Here is a song recorded live by Bloodloss. This is a soundboard recording from a not especially large venue and as such the drums and vocals tend to be the loudest things, neither of which were the strongest points of the band. But here it is anyway. The people in this band were Renestair EJ, Mark Arm, Guy Maddison and Martin Bland.


Anonymous said...

Excellent track! Thanks for posting this Martin. Bloodloss are one of my favorites. What year/album is this from? I'm curious about the songs you sing in this band. Did you do sing and drum during the live sets? Thanks again for posting this.
Right on.

Anonymous said...

The track is from The Truth Is Marching In-1990 I think. I did (reluctantly) sing on a few songs. And i did sing and drum at the same time at shows. The image of Phil Collins has yet to leave me alone.- Martin

terminaltoy said...

Hi Martin, Evans here (think back to the late 80s). Nice blog and I 'specially like the Ives piece and the Rape of Nanking. That's probably me on the soundboard at the Kardoma gig (unfortunately), I don't think I was ever sober or straight in those days (((or even now, come to think of it)))

sonicfallout said...

Wow, I didn't know you guys played any of the stuff from before the In-a-Gadda-da-Change record after Mark and Guy joined. Then again, I don't know a whole lot about what you guys did, other than having all your records, the 2 live recordings you posted and 1 concert I have from '95 in NYC.
Thanks again Martin, this stuff is a helluva find for me.