Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hi Squid/ The Rape Of Nanking by Laszlo Alexander

Another exhibit from The Museum Of Strange & Deadly Foods (MOSADF). This product is Hi Squid and is basically a couple of dried tentacles. The musical accompaniment is entitled The Rape Of Nanking by Laszlo Alexander. It was recorded in the late 40's or early '50's and come from a 10" lp called The Secret Music Of China. If you listen carefully, amid all the carnage you will hear an early use of the theremin.


hdvns said...

A great side to canned chicken, ha, ha!!

marsupial said...

thanks for posting all this great music/food products!! I'm a big fan of your group Bloodloss (as well as Lubricated Goat, and of course the Monkeywrench!) Are there any live recordings of Bloodloss? I never got a chance to see you guys play, and from what Mark Arm says, you guys pulled off some great stuff live.

Martin Bland said...

Hi. Glad you like the stuff I'm posting. I do have some Bloodloss live tapes which I have long intended to go through and see if there's any thing useful- listening to old tapes can sometimes be a strange and depressing journey however but check back over the next few weeks and I'll see what I've got. Thanks- Martin

doomsday said...

(hi, i posted this on the lubircated goat link but that was a while ago)
man thats a great show and great recording as well. is their any way i could get the whol show, or any more songs from it?
to tell u the truth i would be inrested in buying or trading any bloodloss, lubricated goat, or monkeywrench shows you have?
if yourd got the time thaat would make me very happy.
i listen to a load of the aussie music but a lot of its hard to find. ive been trtying to find the early bloodloss albums. smell machine but i have never seen, let alone heard them.
also. are the monkeywrech gonna play any shopws in the uk in the future at all?